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Donte Ingram | "My favourite moment from our Final Four run was easily the joy we brought to the city of Chicago. The love and support from them was everything"

Donte Ingram is a 6’6 guard from Loyola Chicago currently playing in the NBA league for Charlotte hornets affiliation Greensboro Swarm.

Donte grew up in Chicago playing on what could arguably be the greatest Chicago high school basketball team ever assembled in 2013 at Simeon career academy. During that time Simeon went on to win four consecutive Illinois State Championships. Talents like Jabari Parker and Kendrick Nunn who have both become NBA stars lead the team. While other players like Zak Norvell, Kendall Pollard, Jaylon Tate, D.J Williams and Ed Morrow who all went on to play division one basketball also played on the team.

He became a hero himself in college while playing for Loyola Chicago. He helped the Ramblers go on an incredible Cinderella run to the final four in 2018.

Donte instantly became a tournament star after hitting a final second deep 3-pointer at the buzzer to help No. 11 seed Loyola upset No. 6 seed Miami 64-62 in the first round. Loyola went on to beat Tennessee, Kansas State and Nevada while capturing national attention on their way to the final four.

What was your favourite moments about the incredible final four run you went on with Loyola in 2018?

My favourite moment from our Final Four run was easily the joy we brought to the city of Chicago. The love and support from them was everything and it meant everything to us to give sports fans something to be proud of.

How does the NBA G-league compare to the college game?

I think the college game and G league are two completely different games. In college you are with a group of guys for years and it is genuinely about winning and family. Things can be so temporary in the G league that you may not get much time to bond or gain chemistry with teammates and coaching staff. The one thing that is similar from the individual standpoint is that you have a lot of talented guys who are working and close to getting to the next level professionally.

Your favourite moment in your basketball career?

My favourite moment if you made me pick one individually is my shot against Miami. For a team who hadn’t been to the tourney since 85’ I felt like that was a huge momentum builder for our team advancing. It gave us even more motivation going forward to win than we already had.

What was it like playing at Simeon high school in 2013 and that extremely talented team?

It was great playing with that group of guys at Simeon in 13’. I gained so much knowledge and more of a competitive edge playing alongside guys like Jabari Parker, Kendrick Nunn, Kendall Pollard, Jaylon Tate, DJ Williams, Ed Morrow, Zakk Norvell Jr. etc. The coaching staff was great, and it was such a winning culture that it demanded greatness and your absolute best day in and day out.


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