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Cody Demps | "Basketball was always my first love. I really enjoyed football, but basketball has always had a special place in my heart."

Cody Demps is a product of Sacramento. The 6’4 guard grew up in the city of Sacramento, attended Sacramento State and now plays for the Sacramento Kings G-League affiliate team, the Stockton Kings. Cody also earned himself a 10-day contract with the Kings in 2019.

In college Cody played all four years at Sacramento State where he averaged 8pts 5ast & 5reb a game, impressively he also went on to make all-time top 10 lists in multiple categories for them. Not only did he play basketball, Cody was a two-sport athlete where he played wide receiver on the school’s football team. Just like his dad who also played defensive end for the Hornets when he attended college.

Being a two-sport athlete in college, what made you stay with basketball?

Basketball was always my first love. I really enjoyed football, but basketball has always had a special place in my heart.

How does the college game compare to the NBA G-League?

Biggest differences are the spacing with the extended 3 as well as defensive 3 seconds rule. The pace of play in the G-League is crazy high. Alot more half court sets in college. As well as the length on the floor It’s not crazy often that you come across a 7 ft center but that’s normal in the g league.

Demps is currently averaging 11pts, 3ast & 5reb in the G-League and has also started 40 out of the 41 games for the Kings. He was also named a member of the USA men’s AmeriCup qualifying team in February of this year. He helped the team to pick up a pair of wins in Puerto Rico.

How is playing on a great franchise like the Stockton Kings, especially with it being so close to where you grew up?

Love the Kings organization. Gave me my first opportunity at professional basketball. And then being close enough where my family can still attend most of the games is wonderful. Couldn’t ask for a better situation.

How was the experience playing for Team USA this year in the AmeriCup Qualifiers?

Playing for team USA was an amazing experience. First of all, getting recognized as one of my better players in the G league felt nice. And then being able to get together, bond, and play with other great players I’ve been playing against the past couple years in the G-League was nice as well. Had great coaches over there. And got to travel to Puerto Rico and get my first experience of international basketball.

Unfortunately, due to current circumstances in the world today, the G-League season has been cancelled so we won’t be able to see the remainder of Cody’s season. But we wish him the best of luck in the 2020-2021 season.



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