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Chris Booker | "Ohio State has exceeded my expectations"

In order to be a great team in college football, you need a team on talented players that are willing to put their egos aside for the betterment of the team. Ohio State is always one of the better teams in college football and they are able to land premier talent from all over the country to come and play for their prestigious program. While most of their talent is recruited and under scholarship, not every player is lucky to be in that position.

Chris Booker fits that description perfectly. He wasn’t highly recruited and had to take the long road to collegiate prominence at Ohio State. Beginning his career at the University of Dayton, Booker had to work extremely hard to put himself in a position to succeed. Chris Booker has ton of character and eventually decided to take his talents to Ohio State. Nothing was guaranteed at Ohio State. Highly touted prospects enrolled every year at Ohio State and his playing time was never certain. The only thing Booker could do was work his tail off and prove to the coaching staff that he was worthy of seeing the field.

Chris Booker played for Ohio State’s club team in 2018 where his talents were on full display for all to see. Being named an All-American by the National Club Football Association was just the start for Chris. After joining the Buckeyes real team, Chris never became a standout wide receiver, but that wasn’t what made Chris a special player. A player like Booker has to uses his brains and work ethic in order to make a significant impact. Chris has developed into a core special teamer and was named Special Teams Player of the Game by the coaching staff following a 52-17 win over Nebraska. The recognition by the players and coaching staff was finally paying off.

Chris Booker became a OSU Scholar-Athlete and was an Academic All-Big Ten Conference honoree in 2020. Chris took the resources given to him and made the most of his opportunities. Chris Book turned his career into one that he can look back on a smile because he accomplished more than anyone would have thought when he was playing football at the University of Dayton. Chris Booker is on one of the best teams in the country and he is a part of their success. Not bad for a kid who had to walk on at one of NCAA football’s premier schools.

How has your time been playing at the university of Ohio?

My time at Ohio State has exceeded my expectations and i am grateful to have this experience.

What was it like being recruited by a school with such a huge reputation in football?

My recruitment was short but exciting. I was already apart of the university as a student but they brought me in and i got to see the facilities and meet some people. It was exciting and i was ready to get to work.

What has been your favourite moment in your footballing career so far?

Favorite moment would have to be against purdue this year when i forced that fumble. I think I’ll remember that for a long time.

Is there any words or advice you would like to say to help young players trying to make an impact in there own path for the future?

Work as hard as you can and don’t get complacent because you are better than others. There’s always somebody trying to outwork and they might have just as much talent as you, so you have to find some type of edge that will set you apart. Something that makes you better than the rest. Find that and don’t lose it, develop it and let it be a motivator.


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