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Ryan Decenzo | "It will change the way some people see skateboarding"

Ryan Decenzo is one of the most incredible professional skateboarders out there. His high pop, outstanding consistency, and willingness to go big make him stand out from the rest. The Vancouver local is also known as a member of Canada's most famous skate crew, the legendary Red Dragons.

His one-of-a-kind board control underlines his remarkable versatility and makes him able to pull off virtually anything on flat ground. Thanks to his extensive repertoire of tricks and his ability to manipulate the laws of physics on a skateboard, he managed to win two gold medals at the X-Games Game of S.K.A.T.E competition.

Globe Shoe's team manager and filmer, Aaron Brown, praised Ryan Decenzo for being by far the easiest person to film and work with since Ryan lands plenty of tricks all the time “There was barely an instance in which they would walk out the spot empty-handed.”

Ryan Decenzo's video parts are some of the most radical works of videography you will ever see. He is treating handrails like they were flat bars at a skatepark. Usually, when people talk about tech skating, they refer to small ledges, manuals, and small rails. However, when Ryan talks about tech skateboarding, it could be essentially anything. Not a single rail is too steep, and no drop out there too tall. His Double Down part, which you can watch on the Thrasher Magazine's YouTube Channel, and his Darkstar part published on The Berrics, are among the best videos you could watch on the world wide web.

Ryan Decenzo's current sponsors are Independent Trucks, Red Bull, Bones Wheels, Red Dragons, Darkstar, Bones Swiss, OC Ramps, and Grizzly Griptape.

Throughout the past decade, Ryan Decenzo has made a name for himself as a pro by winning the Dew Tour in 2011, winning three gold medals at the X-Games (along with a silver and a bronze medal), and most recently, getting two back-to-back 3rd places at Tampa Pro in 2018 and 2019. He will also be a part of the Canadian national team for the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in 2021. With the way he skates, his future in the skateboarding industry looks bright. Everything is getting gnarlier, and his skill to skate anything makes him ready to face all the obstacles the skateboarding world will throw at him. Whether Ryan is filming video parts or competing in the most prestigious contests, he is a blast to watch.

What inspired yourself to take an interest and start skateboarding?

It looked cool and fun when I was younger, and the feeling I got when I rolled around on a mini ramp for the first time got me hooked.

You have skated in numerous competitions during your career, what has been your favourite?

My favorite contests from throughout the years was definitely the Maloof Contests, it was always an awesome course big crowds of people in the audience and the prize purse was always some extra incentive to go hard.

What has been your favourite moment of your career while skateboarding?

Probably in 2009 when I turned pro.

With skateboarding joining the Olympic Games, do you feel that will change skateboarding?

It will change the way some people see skateboarding but the for the majority of skating it will just be some crazy contest that happens every four years.

Your favourite skateboarders of all time?

Paul Machnau, Gailea Momolu, Wade Desarmo, Ted Degros, Ishod wair, Chris Joslin, Scott Decenzo

Best skate spot/park you have ever skated?

The plaza in Innesbruck Austria. It’s like a skatepark but it’s not.

What advice would you have to the younger generation just getting into skating or wanting to go pro?

Just keep skating and having fun with your friends and filming cool things and just make sure you're having fun and then if you turn pro someday then you're stoked! haha


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