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Dirk Williams | "I'm super excited to play with Vince again, we're very familiar with each other"

Dirk Williams, the 6”6 guard out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham has moved from London to join the Manchester Giants this summer. He will also be lacing up to join his old coach, Vince Macauley. Vince has recently joined the Giants and coached Williams when they were both with the London Lions.

Dirk who usually plays shooting guard for his team will always be remembered for his dunk in January 2018 which went onto to go viral and win “Dunk of the Year”, that saw him go full court, between the legs, before springing over a Surrey Scorchers defender for the slam.

Williams started his career at Sheffield Sharks in the 17/18 season, before moving to Zalakeramia ZTE in Hungary two years later. He rejoined the BBL by making a move to the London Lions two years ago and now making the move to Manchester ahead of the 22/23 season.

Manchester fans can be excited for what's to come from the 28 year old. A player known in the BBL for his athleticism, but also a great shooter of the ball from the mid or behind the arc. Fans can also get excited for his elevation as he might just pull off another dunk of the season at any given moment.

You've decided to join the Manchester Giants next season, excited to join back up with your previous coach Vince Macaulay?

Yes I'm super excited to play with Vince again, we're very familiar with each other and have a great relationship

You had two strong scoring seasons with the Lions, how was your time in London?

I had a great time in London and the experience was great. I got a chance to play in a European comp. And that was fun as well, helped me expand my game and get a lot better throughout the time there.

You attended UAB, how was your time playing as a Blazer and favourite moment at the school?

UAB was a huge learning experience but I learned a lot there, my greatest moment would have to be when I made Sports Centre top 10 and winning 6th man of the year.

Only a couple of weeks till the season starts, how has the off season been for you?

The offseason has been great, getting time to regroup myself mentally and physically, also being able to spend free time with my family. Super excited and ready to get back to work for the season.

You played in Hungary with Zalakeramia-ZTE KK averaging around 18ppg, what was the level of competition like and how was that experience?

Hungary was very fun, and the competition is high level as they have 3-4 teams playing European Competitions. I enjoyed the fans and had a career high shooting season there.

You came over to the UK straight out of college to play with the Sheffield sharks, what was the transition like to the European game?

Transitioning to a professional level was tough but I managed to get through it and get better. Was surrounded by good teammates and a great coach in Atiba Lyons.


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