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Matt Ammendola | "After 2 years of dedication and hard work, giving it my all every day on the field and in the classroom, I finally had earned a full scholarship"

If you haven’t already heard of Matt Ammendola then let us fill you in, Matt was born Dec. in Philadelphia, Pa. He attended Oklahoma State University for five years. In his senior year in 2019 he tied for first among kickers with 108 points scored which gave him an average total of 8.3 points scored per game. Additionally, he was ranked in the top 25 nationally in field goals made per game with a rating of 1.54. His longest field goal of the year was for 49 yards, and he only missed six kicks total during his senior season at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Ammendola has never been shy of breaking records by setting his high school record for field goal length with a 56-yard field goal during his junior year of high school. This man has been a stud, even before he was officially a man. We are confident that he can take his talents to an NFL team willing to see a prospect evolve into a star.

Attending Oklahoma State University, how was your time at college and what did it help teach you throughout the experience?

I truly loved OSU and everything it offered me. From the time I walked on campus as a true freshman to the time I was leaving as a graduate with my Masters. Oklahoma State was a journey and every bit an experience I wouldn’t want any different. I will say balancing football and school wasn’t the easiest by any means, but with the help of my coaches, teachers, and academic advisors, I was able to stay on top of it all. With that, my past 5 years at OSU has taught me many things in life but learning how to live on my own and how to be accountable and take action for myself have to be some of the key things I can walk away with. I found that after being away from home for so long, I have really grown up and matured to the point I able to find myself and what I want my future to entail. The school itself was definitely a culture shock in the beginning, going from big city vibes of Philadelphia to a little college town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Not only that, but moving 21 hours away from home was tough, not knowing a single face. Yet, it pushed to get out of my comfort zone to meet people and was a fresh start to my future and my path at Oklahoma State.

What has been your favourite moment of your career so far?

So far, I will say my favorite moment throughout my career was in college after the camping world bowl and going 3 for 3 with a 38-yard field goal, clinching the game 30-21. Hitting that field goal was great moment for itself, knowing I helped solidify the game. However, it was an even greater moment when I knew I proved myself as a preferred walk-on and was given a full scholarship shortly after that kick. After 2 years of dedication and hard work, giving it my all every day on the field and in the classroom, I finally had earned a full scholarship and a lot of respect from many of my teammates and coaches.

What advice would you give for future football players looking to gain a scholarship at a major college?

Every day is a day to get better, and whether or not it’s a good day or a bad day, there’s always something you can learn from it. Not every player is given a full scholarship out of high school. For those that do, it is an honor and a reward. For that, do not take any scholarship for granted. Regardless, what college it is, it is a huge accomplishment you should run with. Your need proves to people why you were given a scholarship in the first place. Same thing goes with walk-ons and preferred walk-ons. Like myself, as a preferred walk-on my mentality was always giving it your all and keep proving people wrong. I didn’t care if they were bringing a guy in on scholarship, I had to tell myself I was better. Look in the mirror, have confidence in yourself and continue to push yourself every day to be the best person and player you can be. I’m telling you, whoever is reading this, the harder you work, the more people will begin to see it and sooner than later it will begin to pay off. “You only get out what you put in. Don’t expect more until you do more.”


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