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Boo Johnson, an easy-going professional skateboarder with a ridiculous large bag of tricks which makes his riding so pleasurable to watch. Some describe his style as technical, powerful and raw. This can be seen in his incredible parts in films like Future Nature, Blood Money and Life & Times just to name a few. Boo is a pro-lifer and this makes you understand why he’s loved in the world of skateboarding and his popularity transcends beyond into pop culture.

Born as Jakel Johnson in Kern County, California and later dubbed the nickname ‘Boo’ by his parents. Now living in Long beach, California, Boo started skateboarding when he was 12 years old. He would then go on to turn pro when he was just 23 years old.

More than just a skateboarder, he has also moved into the world of business with his own brand JHF (Just Have Fun) and is now owner of a Pharmacy skate shop. Boo is currently sponsored by DGK, Bones Wheels, Pharmacy Boardshop, Thunder, JHF Co., Grizzly Grip, Diamond, WeedMaps and Raw Rolling Papers. While also working with brands outside of skating like having his own collection with BOOHOO Man.

You have been skateboarding from an early age, how did you find an interested in the sport?

Honestly, what really got me really stoked on the sport was my little brotha Isaiah.

The way Isaiah skateboarded made skateboarding look like so fun and he made it look completely effortless. I remember him learning new tricks everyday it was very impressive and motivating.

Fitness seems to have become a much bigger part of your life as you have gotten older, why is that?

Honestly, the whole fitness life has really grown on me the past two years! It’s something that has just came into my life the older I got and the more I become in tuned with myself. Health is wealth and I rather always staying ready, so I don’t have to get ready.

You have travelled the world through skateboarding, what has been your favourite place or country to travel too?

Damn that’s a tuff one!

If I had too, I would have to say Japan or Australia, both places are just so beautiful in so many ways. Very different from where I grew up and that’s what I love about travelling, being able to experience new places, foods & getting to see how their culture works.

You have had numerous huge parts, which film was the hardest and most rewarding at the end?

I would have to say my going pro video part with DGK back in 2014.

That video production I put my blood sweat in tears into 100%.

What advice do you have for the younger generation who are just starting to learn or take an interest in skateboarding?

Make sure you just have fun with it and don’t take it to serious from the jump! Have a open mind, make friends, and do your best.

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