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Simeon Powell | "Fighting in London at the Copperbox Arena was a surreal experience"

‘Smooth’ by name, smooth by nature. That's the nickname for MMA fighter Simeon Powell, Britain's rising star in the sport of mixed martial arts. Harrow’s very own light heavy weight is currently 7-0 as a professional fighter. Four fights ending in knockout, two ending in submission and one by decision.

Simeon's current professional record reflects how versatile he is in the octagon. Two of his recorded knockout’s came due to a knee to the face to his opponents. Mathew Nicholson was the first to receive his knockout by a flying knee to the face last year and Clinton Williams endured a standing knee to the face from the 6 '4 star in April of this year. Powell dished out his most recent knockout in August of 2022 by striking his opponent, João Paulo Fagundes, with leg kicks so hard he was unable to get back up and fight, declaring Simeon still undefeated as a professional fighter.

Height and reach is also a driving factor in Smooths success. While fighting as an amateur, Simeon relied heavily on striking with hands. Knocking out four of his opponents in seven fights with the use of his striking ability. One coming by submission and one going down to unanimous decision.

Simeon is hoping to go on and become European Champion in the PFL Europe season next year. The PFL serves as a feeder system. The winners of the Challenger Series then enter the promotion’s regular season format in April with the winners of that gruelling campaign collecting a million dollar prize. The series featured a celebrity panel with the likes of Tyrone Woodley, Ray Lewis and Wiz Khalifa who all commentated on Powell’s fights throughout the tournament last season. These guests also have a say on who should get signed by the league. Fans also get a chance to vote for who deserves a contract.

As we await the announcement of Simeon’s next fight, next year looks like it will be a standout year for the 23-year old.

What was your introduction to MMA, had a career in mixed martial arts always been on the cards for you?

I’ve always had an interest in combat sports from when I was first introduced to the Rocky movies as a kid. I played football up until the age of 16 and needed something productive to do. My cousins were into Muay Thai so I decided to start myself. After a year I joined an MMA gym and haven’t stopped training since.

Currently 7-0 after numerous impressive fights, any fights stand out as a favourite so far and why?

The fight that really means the most to me so far was my last fight in London for PFL. Fighting in London at the copperbox arena was a surreal experience as I got to show all my friends and family a taste of what’s to come in the next few years ahead.

You go by the nickname “Smooth”, how did you adopt that name and is it a nickname or do you try to live by that expression?

My first MMA coach Chris Foran took me up to my 3rd or 4th amateur bout. When I won I remember him saying that I was “too smooth” and from then I gained the nickname smooth. I’m also a strong believer that all rough and tough times will eventually smoothen out… so the name kind of helps me to remember that whenever I am going through a rough patch.

What’s the future looking like for yourself, any fights coming up soon?

My main goal in the sport of MMA is to of course become World Champion. My next goal is to become European Champion in the PFL Europe season.

Any advice for young fighters looking to follow the same path as yourself and make it to the professional stage?

I would say to any young fighter coming up to be patient and enjoy the process. Staying consistent and working hard will take you a long way. Do things that are not the norm so that you stand out amongst the rest, an example of that was when I fought every month for 5 months straight… that took a lot out of me but it also got a huge promotion like the PFL to sign me.


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